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THE DISASTER ARTIST | Best Movie of 2017

THE DISASTER ARTIST | Best Movie of 2017

The Disaster Artist was not just a film. It was a love letter to cinema, fans of cinema, and those who create cinema. It was a story about you and I just as much as it was a story about Tommy Wiseau, (I can’t believe I just said that,) and holy fucking shit if I’m not inspired right now I don’t even know what the hell it means to be. 

The Disaster Artist first official teaser dropped in the summer of this year. When it first hit, I squealed with joy. It looked hilarious. Coming from the same dudes who made Pineapple Express and The Interview...I was expecting something raunchy, silly and bombastic. I was totally 100% sold. I hadn’t ever seen the room but I knew of its legacy and that was enough for me to be ready to dive in.

As the movies release drew closer, I learned more about Wiseau and The Room. Each fact just intrigued me even more. By the time I sat down to see The Disaster Artist, I was a full blown cult follower. 


This movie was not what most thought it would be initially. That first teaser made it clear that Franco & company would be dogging on the best worst movie ever made. But then The official trailer dropped and it was clear that it would be a movie with heart.

That heart is the reason this movie is the best I’ve seen all year. Instead of ridiculing Tommy Wiseau, The Room, and everyone involved...James Franco made us all believe in the making of the Room. It made us all love Tommy and it had me rooting for him. Never mind all of the amazing comedy, acting, and surgeon like recreation of the original film.

Telling the story with heavy influence from Wiseau’s tragic, heart breaking perspective is the greatest move they could have made. I related to Tommy. I felt like I have been where Tommy is.

Jokes aside, silliness aside, absolutely gut busting comedy aside, this film stands out because it tells one of the most human stories I’ve ever witnessed. Humans are what they are because of their flaws. Tommy Wiseau, stricken with flaws, taught me more about myself than I ever thought he could. 

The Cinematography is great. The editing is great. The screenplay is fantastic. All of those things are there but the theme I got to take home with me beat out all of those things. "What does it mean to be an artist?" “It’s 1 in a million even with Brando’s talent.” That line stabbed me in the heart.

The pain we go through in our day to do - even the ones with talent - imagine being Tommy where everyone is so flabbergasted by your lack-of talent...that you’re ridiculed and hated by everyone around you and yet... Wiseau made the Room.

I’m not kidding. I’m taking it there. Tommy Wiseau’s Story Just inspired the fuck out of me. Good on you, James Franco & Company.

Thank you for such a fantastic movie.

Jesse Lobell
Host of No Small Parts

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