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Facebook has declared a new kind of spam: Engagement baiting.

Engagement baiting is asking your friends/fans/followers to react, comment, share, tag or vote on a post as a way to bump the post to the top of people's News Feed.

Moving forward,  this will have a negative effect on these types of posts. This tactic was/is used by publishers on both personal profiles and business pages to ‘game’ Facebook’s algorithms, which typically reward posts that get better engagement by showing them to more people.

According to Facebook, over the coming weeks, Facebook will roll out stricter demotions for Pages that repeatedly use engagement bait to “artificially” gain extra reach in News Feed. Remember, marketers ruin everything. So what might work today typically will not work forever. 

Official announcement: 
News Feed FYI: Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook


✅ If you use engagement bait tactics in your posts, expect reach on those posts to decrease.
✅ If you repeatedly use engagement bait tactics, your Page will see significant drops in reach.

As of now: Yes, you can still use COMMENT TRIGGER words with a Messenger bot.

You should be just fine with regular reach as usual, so long as your posts and the comment trigger word process is entirely AUTHENTIC. Not spammy. Not gimmicky. Not trying to game the algorithms. Facebook Post and Facebook Live comment triggers

✅ Yes, you can still do CONTESTS on your Business Page!

If you ask your fans/followers to like/react or comment in order to enter your drawing/sweepstakes/contests, this is just fine as usual. You cannot ask people to share your contest post in order to enter the contest.

Remember, this rule has been in place for some time and it’s to help protect those profiles who have their privacy set to ‘friends only,’ for example - their share of your contest post would not be included as a contest entry.

What can I do to avoid your posts getting demoted:

  • Focus on posting RELEVANT, MEANINGFUL and AUTHENTIC posts for your friends/fans/followers.
  • Just stay away from click-bait type headlines
  • For posts that genuinely get organic reach, these are still just fine, and may even improve with these new changes
  • Examples on personal profiles include posts that are asking for tips/recommendations, fundraising/causes, missing child reports, all your own personal posts to the degree you are comfortable, etc. 
  • Examples on pages include sharing your expertise, value-adding posts, breaking real news, educational posts, inspiring posts, entertaining posts, etc...
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